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Why men over 50 now have the best chance of finding love

When do single men over 50 have the best chances in love? “Right now,” confirms Kathrin Grüneis from Due to several lucky coincidences, the Zurich-based matchmaker has run out of men.

On the one hand, this is the best thing that can happen to a dating agency – if Cupid takes over. “On the other hand, some great women in their prime have just found their way to, so it would be nice if they didn’t have to wait too long for a date,” explains Kathrin Grüneis. So the masters of creation are in demand. Especially 50 plus. Of course, men who have already left working life behind them and are ready for a second spring. But why are men in short supply right now?

A new start now
“After the Christmas holidays, many women have time to think about their future again. Before that, they were busy preparing for the festivities and spending time with their families. One or two ladies have also received a freieherzen contract as a Christmas present from their friends – and now they are full of energy and want to get off to a fresh start.” From the successful manager to the travel-loving pensioner, the most diverse types of women are represented: modern, sporty, traditional, cozy, adventurous.

Man, what more could you want?
So men 50 plus are currently in the fortunate position of having a particularly good choice. Nevertheless, quality comes first. “In an interview, I first get to know all the candidates personally. This gives me a feel for who might be a good match. Then I make a shortlist.” So there is no dating stress. “I only make contact if both agree with my proposal,” assures Kathrin Grüneis. And who knows, maybe Cupid is already lying in wait again? in der Gewerbezeitung vom Januar 2018