Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

Where free hearts find each other

“” is the name of the small but excellent dating agency in Zurich’s Löwenstrasse. Since the beginning of autumn, people who no longer want to leave love to chance have been meeting there.

She herself is married and the mother of a young daughter. In her early 40s, Kathrin Grüneis took the plunge into self-employment. “My dream was always to set up a dating agency,” reveals the lively entrepreneur. There are already interested parties. “There were already some before. I have a large circle of acquaintances and was repeatedly confronted with how difficult it is to find the right partner for life. That gave me the impetus to set up my agency,” explains the Bavarian-born woman with a Swiss passport. Can a dating agency stand up to today’s Internet competition? Kathrin Grüneis laughs: “Try it out!”

Knowledge from personal experience
She then talks about her own experiences – after all, she was once single too: “These online dating sites are like playing the lottery. All kinds of people can hide behind an attractive profile. At some point you find out. What remains is disappointment.” Before two people meet via “”, Kathrin Grüneis holds personal discussions about their exact ideas and interests. This is very time-consuming and therefore has its price. Passive membership is also available – for singles who prefer to be found. In addition to the usual dating service, Kathrin Grüneis has two special specialities: Singles over 55 and single parents.

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