Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

Where are the men with a free heart?

Reinforcement The Zurich-based dating agency “” celebrated its birthday. Since then, it has been stormed by attractive women. The chances for men looking for a partner are particularly good at the moment.

On the occasion of my first company anniversary, I gave interviews to a few women’s magazines,” says Kathrin Grüneis. They hit like a bomb. “Since then, I’ve been on the phone almost constantly.” No wonder, because the small but excellent dating agency focuses on personality.

Personal contact and gut feeling
Your customers are people who have little time or opportunity to get to know someone. Many people have had bad experiences with online dating agencies – often an interesting profile hides someone completely different, which rightly makes you feel uneasy. Those who are placed through have the security of meeting real people whom Kathrin Grüneis has already met personally. A professional profile is created for each interested party. Nevertheless, a good gut feeling is necessary. “Because I know all my customers personally, I can assess who might be a good match,” explains the matchmaker.

Eastern Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Graubünden
In order to expand her customer base, Kathrin Grüneis has decided to become active throughout Eastern Switzerland, Graubünden and the Principality of Liechtenstein. “Such short distances
are no obstacle to love,” says the lively Bavarian, who also met the father of her young daughter through a dating agency. May
only men report? “No,” laughs Kathrin Grüneis, “although they currently have the best chances. Women are also very welcome.” After all, a serious search for a partner is not just about choice, but about finding the right person.

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