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“Whatever is fun and doesn’t disturb anyone is allowed”

Our family ritual
Drinking lattes and potties in mom’s bed in the morning.

That always causes noise
Charlotte’s choice of clothes: When she chooses the princess dress with patent ballerina for the crib at minus 20 degrees.

That makes us happy
Playing in the snow and then eating in front of the TV.

On a child-free weekend
I do sports like crazy and catch up on all sorts of activities such as the opera, movies and nice dinners and take care of my dad.

When I took the pregnancy test, I thought …
… but that can’t be the case now (I was traveling in China with my backpack).

Our greatest wish
Spending big and long vacations because mom has been working a lot since she became independent.

Our most important educational principle is
Whatever is fun and doesn’t disturb anyone else is allowed.

The last time we laughed about …
… Lotta in the snow. We still have to practise a bit with the tobogganing.

That’s where our tastes differ
Charlotta really wanted a “piggy-colored” Advent wreath. I was able to assert myself.

We save on …
… a shared house with dad.

We marvel at this
How such a small person can pick things up and put them into practice so quickly.

In twenty years …
… I send my daughter to work.

Favorite food from Charlotta
Chinese, but spicy please!

Your discovery of the month
Driving with mom in a ski helmet.

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