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The free hearts get reinforcements

(machine translated) The dating agency is starting spring with a new member of staff – just at the right time, because when spring arrives, things get busy at the agency.

Gabriela Berglas is Swiss, British and Australian – all at the same time. The triple citizen has her roots in Zurich, but her heart is at home all over the world. That’s why she studied geography. And because she is interested in people and their lifestyles, sociology too.
Their bilingualism and openness are great advantages for the dating agency

“We know each other from sport, and I really appreciate Gabriela’s flair for people,” enthuses agency boss Kathrin Grüneis. “Gabriela will support me in the future with customer contacts and matchmaking.” Gabriela Berglas is already working with great enthusiasm. “Contact with people is very important to me and I am fascinated by how differently they view the world. This fascination makes my work at particularly exciting,” says the thirty-year-old enthusiastically.

Powerful women’s team

She takes over from Eleanor Nevill, who is focusing on her second career, but will remain on friendly terms with “Eleanor will continue to support us as a substitute,” reveals Kathrin Grüneis. The Kilchberg native is delighted with her powerful women’s team, which also includes Claudia Hürlimann in the back office. Discretion and personal service are top priorities for all four of them. And they currently have their hands full. “Spring is spreading around Lake Zurich,” says Kathrin Grüneis, “the sun is shining in people’s hearts and if you’re tired of being alone and don’t want to experiment online, you’ve come to the right place.”

Kilchberger, May 10, 2023