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Terms and Conditions

  1. The object of the Contractual Agreement comprises the matchmaking services or finding a partner for the Client and the associated advice and support provided by the Service Provider with the aim of finding a partner who is suitable for a relationship.
  2. After carefully checking and assessing their profile and following a telephone conversation, the Service Provider undertakes to provide the Client with the first name and location of the mutually suitable match. The match shall be sent to the Client via email.
  3. After receiving details of a match, the Client shall endeavour to contact the match in person. Preferably the man should initiate this. Gerne darf der Herr die Initiative ergreifen.
  4. The Client shall be obliged to provide the Service Provider with feedback after meeting with each prospective life partner. Feedback on matches made is essential for successful collaboration. This can be provided in writing or verbally (by phone).
  5. The Service Provider must be informed immediately if a relationship is entered into. The Client is also obliged to inform the Service Provider if they no longer require the matchmaking service.
  6. There is no guarantee that a partner will be found or that a relationship will be successful.
  7. Depending on the Client’s personal circumstances and their requirements for a partner, the search for a suitable partner may take some time. The Service Provider shall inform the Client of any circumstances which could delay a match being made. If the matchmaking service becomes difficult for reasons associated with the Client themself, the term of the Contractual Agreement is extended free of charge. In this case, the Client may decide whether they wish to pay for the service on the basis of time spent (see Clause 19) or whether they wish to consider extending the Contractual Agreement. Unless otherwise specified in writing, the Client shall assume that the Contractual Agreement will be extended tacitly free of charge.
  8. The Service Provider undertakes to adhere to the highest levels of professional ethics when performing its matchmaking services.
  9. The Client may make a written request to suspend the matchmaking service for a maximum period of six months for a compelling reason (e.g. a long-term illness, a stay abroad, meeting a potential partner without the Service Provider’s matchmaking service, etc.). After this suspension the Client may use the matchmaking service for the remaining term of the Contractual Agreement. The Client may only request to suspend the matchmaking services once. The opportunity to suspend services does not apply in the event of a specially agreed membership.
  10. If the matched parties enter into a relationship, the matchmaking service may be suspended by written request by either partner. If neither party requests a new match within six months of suspending the service, the Contractual Agreement shall be deemed to be successfully fulfilled. If a couple enter into a relationship before the expiry of the contract or they enter into a relationship (lasting for longer than six months), the Contractual Agreement shall be deemed to be successfully fulfilled. If no suitable match has been found within the term of the contract, the Client may negotiate a follow-up agreement.
  11. The Client agrees not to disclose confidential information regarding the matched partner to third parties and not to damage the matched partner’s reputation in any way.
  12. The Client’s membership allows them to seek advice from the Service Provider regarding any issue associated with a matchmaking service at any time. This consultancy service is already covered by the fee if it is provided to the usual extent.
  13. The Service Provider shall only contact the Client if there is a suitable match. The Client may make enquiries about how the service is progressing at any time.
  14. Performing the matchmaking service requires due care. This cannot be unduly expedited by the Client.
  15. By signing this contract, the Client confirms that they are single, separated or widowed and that they are not married. Or, if they are still married, then they are no longer living in the same household. They also confirm that they have full legal competence.
  16. By signing this contract, the Client confirms that there is no health condition or legal circumstance that would prevent them from entering into a serious, long-term relationship.
  17. The matchmaking contract may be terminated by the Service Provider if the Client has provided false information or behaves in an improper manner. This will be settled in accordance with Clause 19.
  18. The Client has the right to rescind the Contractual Agreement in writing and without being obliged to pay compensation within 14 days. The Service Provider may not accept any payment before the expiry of 14 days.
  19. The Client has the right to terminate the contract at any time without compensation subject to liability to pay damages for untimely termination. In the event of such untimely termination, or where terminated by the Service Provider (Clause 17), the Service Provider shall be reimbursed for its services as follows: CHF 1.500 registration fee, CHF 800 per match, CHF 280 per hour consultation plus fees and any accrued VAT. In all other cases the contract is an inclusive contract; i.e. it is possible, depending on the situation, for more potential matches to be provided than agreed, free of charge.
  20. The Client shall pay a fee for the above services in the contractually agreed amount to the account of ag Kathrin Grüneis, Zürcher Kantonalbank, IBAN: CH34 0070 0110 0072 9827 9, BIC: ZKBKCHZZ80A which shall become payable 14 days after the conclusion of the Contractual Agreement. The obligation to pay the fee exists regardless of whether the matchmaking services result in a partner being found or not.
  21. The content of this Contractual Agreement is confidential; both the Service Provider and the Client shall be obliged to maintain confidentiality in their dealings with third parties.
  22. The Client expressly agrees to their personal data being stored and processed by the Service Provider for the purpose of the contract. The data will be handled confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. The Client also agrees to receive communications from the Service Provider. The Client expressly states that they are familiar with the Privacy Policy on the ag website in its entirety.
  23. Any deviating or supplemental agreements shall be valid only if they are in writing under the point “Comments” on the Contractual Agreement.
  24. In the event that individual contractual provisions should unexpectedly prove to be legally invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In such a case, the contractual parties shall endeavour to replace the invalid provisions with valid provisions which most closely correspond to the original commercial intent of the Contractual Agreement.
  25. The place of jurisdiction is in accordance with the law.
  26. Swiss law shall apply exclusively subject to the exclusion of the conflict of laws
  27. The registered office of the company is Kilchberg ZH