Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

Spring fever is no coincidence!

When the days get longer again, the butterflies not only flutter through the air, but also around in your stomach. Partnership expert Kathrin Grüneis knows why people long for a partner, especially in spring – and is happy to help out a little on request.

“I’ve noticed that more people come to me with their partner wishes in spring,” reveals the owner of the “” agency in Zurich. She wanted to get to the bottom of the cause and enquired: “It’s actually the light.”

More happiness hormones in spring
On the one hand, people produce less melatonin when it gets lighter again. This means that we have fewer so-called sleep hormones in us. At the same time, the bright light increases the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. But there are also external influences – the scent of fresh flowers, for example, or the reduced textiles that are now available again.
show more leg and cleavage – which have a very stimulating effect.

Longing for the right counterpart
“The causes don’t really matter, it’s all about people longing for a suitable partner with whom they can share their feelings of happiness,” explains Kathrin
Green ice. However, because many do not have time for trial-and-error experiments, they prefer to use the services of a professional mediator.

Preselection increases success
“I am in personal contact with all my clients and make my pre-selection very carefully, which increases the success rate enormously,” reports the matchmaker. And the selection of potential candidates at is particularly large in spring.

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