Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

“Placing celebrities is tricky”

Kathrin Grüneis found her first husband twelve years ago through a dating agency. Today, the Bavarian-born woman finds singles herself – and is in a private relationship with SRF weatherman Thomas Bucheli.

Her job is love. Kathrin Grüneis, 47, is convinced that there is a suitable lid for every pot. She looks for them – and introduces singles to each other. If they fall in love – great! If not, Grüneis will keep looking.

Ms. Grüneis, who is coming to see you?
The youngest was 22, the oldest 92, and the mediation process was too slow for him. The majority of my clients are my age, plus or minus ten years, rather well educated, mostly well earning, sometimes prominent …

… which are more difficult to communicate?
It’s more delicate. Even I’m not allowed to blab. In this case, I only give potential partners the first name and telephone number of the prominent person …

… who then meet and are shocked because someone they know from TV is sitting opposite them?
I warn them in advance by pointing out that the person they are going to meet is in the limelight or is beautiful and travels a lot – and ask if they can handle it. Especially someone who is in the public eye doesn’t want to be loved because of their “appearance”. When dealing with such customers, I myself ignore all pretensions of status.

Are there differences between men and women in what they are looking for?
Men like to look at their appearance. They often want a beautiful woman at their side. Women don’t want a “wild” guy either, but if they are interested in a man, looks and income tend to be of secondary importance.

Why do people still come to you in times of online dating platforms and flirting apps?
Because I meet every customer in my office in person and I certainly have an unconventional manner. I look for potential partners for customers in my networks. Basically, many people are afraid to go to a dating agency because they have a certain image in their head. Others are busy at work all day and don’t want to spend their evenings searching the Internet for a suitable partner.

Zeitungsausschnitt von im Schweizer Illustriert vom Juni 2014