Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

New website for

Not only does the new website of Zurich dating agency look snappy, it also caters more to the needs of users. “We are delighted with our new website,” reports Kathrin Grüneis.

The content reflects the life situations in which partner seekers find themselves. “Regardless of age,” Kathrin Grüneis continues. “In addition to singles – with or without children – and older people, we specifically address people who have forgotten how to find a partner.” She talks about the woman who lost her husband after 30 years of dating due to a serious illness. “The woman is in her early 50s and has always been with the same man. She would like to get back into a relationship, but is completely unsure how to go about it.” Here, the support goes beyond traditional matchmaking. “We support people in their life situations, strengthen their personality and also give them very practical tips for their first dates,” explains Kathrin Grüneis.

Exciting love stories

The love stories, which are constantly updated on the website, tell of the dating agency’s success stories. “Of course, we change all the information so that no conclusions can be drawn about specific people, because discretion is our top priority,” emphasises Kathrin Grüneis. But the stories actually happened. And life itself writes the best stories. To be found at

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