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Marsha L. L. Wiederkehr joins the renowned dating agency. Marsha Wiederkehr has been working at the Zurich dating agency since the end of May. She primarily supports Managing Director Kathrin Grüneis as an assistant, but also performs her own tasks.

As the former head of an IT department, Wiederkehr is a career changer, but she has the necessary potential – and above all empathy, openness and a lot of heart – ideal for her new field of activity. Marsha Wiederkehr also works part-time as a consciousness coach and can also use synergies here for The new employee is highly motivated: “I love meeting different people. What I find particularly exciting about my new challenge is finding people who belong together. I’m already looking forward to giving Cupid a helping hand.” But the boss is also enthusiastic: “There are still many projects that I want to implement. I’m dependent on having someone to back me up. I’ve found the right person in Marsha. She has a good feel for people and is reliable, which is the most important thing in our profession,” explains Kathrin Grüneis. With their combined female power, the two want to further expand the institute, and they also have a lot of ideas that they want to realize. It will be interesting to see.

Zeitungsausschnitt von in der NZZ vom September 2020