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“Many just want quick sex”

Matchmaker Kathrin Grüneis on online dating

She has been running a successful old-school dating agency in Zurich for years. She is therefore suspicious of looking for love at the click of a mouse. Kathrin Grüneis (47), partner of SRF meteorologist Thomas Bucheli (53), advises against online dating.

Dating has changed a lot compared to the past. The Internet plays a major role today. Why is that?

Kathrin Grüneis: People can search for love on the Internet at any time. The first contact is simple, fast and anonymous. That attracts many. In addition, there is hardly any eye contact in everyday life today, for example on the streetcar or when shopping. People much prefer to stare at their smartphones.

What can be problematic about online flirting?

When you fall in love with the person you don’t know but put off meeting them. Those affected then meet in the virtual world for months or years. This builds up expectations that cannot be fulfilled. At some point, however, it inevitably comes to a meeting. And then those affected realize: it doesn’t fit. That is a painful rebuff.

Often it’s not about the search for true love online. Many just want sex. Do you feel the same way?

This is indeed the price you have to pay for the opportunity to find a partner on the Internet. There are many black sheep, often men who are only interested in a quick sex adventure. But if the woman agrees to this, it’s not a bad thing. Nobody is forced to do so.

Anyone who doesn’t appeal at first glance is immediately clicked away on flirt sites.

Yes, there is no love at second sight there. It’s about the visual. In my dating agency, I do not show photos of my clients for precisely this reason. Personality is more important. For true love, the whole package has to be right – that is far more than the visual impression.

Have you already tried searching for love on the Internet?

Yes, I have actually done that in the past. And I also fell flat on my face with it. My internet acquaintance at the time had told me that he was separated from his wife. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about it. Online, many people don’t take the truth too seriously when it comes to appearance, marital status or profession. That’s why I recommend looking for true love in real life.

You will also find Thomas Bucheli there.

Yes. And we are very happy together!