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Love knows no age

Not so long ago, love and sexuality were often taboo in the autumn of life. That seems strange today. And yet, isn’t it true that wishes and expectations change with age? Kathrin Grüneis shared her experiences as a matchmaker.

When asked whether women and men over 65 are still looking for love, Kathrin Grüneis, who runs the “freieherzen” dating agency in Zurich, replies that it happens all the time. Butterflies in your stomach can hit you at any age, there are no limits. However, the reasons why someone of advanced age looks for a partner through a dating agency are different from those of young people. The oldest of Kathrin Grüneis’ customers is an 89-year-old man. It goes without saying that his intention is different from that of a 70-year-old woman who may be planning to get married. Very old people tend to look for a partner to spend time with.
together – whether it’s a game of cards, a walk or a good conversation.

Lower inhibition threshold for seniors to visit a dating agency

In general, Kathrin Grüneis has found that senior citizens find it easier to approach her than 30-year-olds who perhaps think they have to find their partner for life themselves. However, older people sometimes come first with a companion to support them. Kathrin Grüneis even went on a date once. It was one afternoon and she was worried that her customer might even approach the wrong man. After a while, however, the mediator said goodbye and was pleased that the acquaintance of these two people has lasted until today. You don’t become less demanding as you get older, on the contrary. Kathrin Grüneis also sees this as a problem when looking for a partner. Although both men and women of all ages are looking for emotions and physical closeness, senior women often have very high expectations when it comes to the qualities and educational level of their partner. She thinks that a willingness to compromise is needed in order to find a fulfilling relationship and love life in old age.

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