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“Love has a good chance in summer”

Everything is a little easier during the summer months – including falling in love. The dating agency can only confirm this: “The first step is always the most difficult,” says owner Kathrin Grüneis. In summer, however, life is more relaxed and you feel like meeting people.

“There’s often not so much going on at work in summer, you leave the office earlier, you have more time, the evenings are longer,” explains Kathrin Grüneis, for whom the opposite is the case. “Our phones are ringing off the hook in summer, because many people don’t want a romance, they want to find a partner for life.” A balmy summer evening is perfect for a first date. You meet at the beach café and get to know each other on a romantic walk. “Open-air cinemas, picnics, festivals… – summer offers so many informal opportunities to meet people,” confirms the expert, “it’s easy to fall in love.”

The chances are good
You meet up for an ice cream in the city, experience romantic sunsets, arrange to go on a mountain hike – all you need is that famous spark. “And because people are in a vacation mood, it works particularly well.” The demand for free hearts is currently high. “Yes, we have lots of interesting new people in our database who are looking for a serious partnership.” So the chances are good that 2016 could be the summer of great love. Kathrin Grüneis carefully selects the candidates who, on her recommendation, arrange to meet. Beforehand, she conducts interviews with all applicants in order to get to know the people and their needs personally. It’s nice when you’re not at the mercy of the Internet. So summer and love can come.

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