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Single, 50-plus, looking for … actually what? There are many reasons why you suddenly find yourself alone, and very few people want to stay alone. An inventory.

“Young-at-heart woman, 59 years old, self-employed, with her own home, looking for a nice, loyal, honest man, up to 65 years old, for a stable partnership (she is looking for him).” “Swiss man, 62/187/84, slim, NR, single, would be happy to meet a slim woman, from 165 cm, between 50 and 64 years old, for a nice relationship (He is looking for her).” Two advertisements in a local newspaper in the Zurich Oberland. Apart from the fact that you wish they would answer each other’s ads and find each other, you notice that she mentions qualities that are important to her in her new partner and he lists them in bulk. Are these claims too specific? Kathrin Grüneis (50) weighs up: “It depends!” I got to know the founder of many years ago when she was a single mother in the early stages of her agency. Even at the beginning of her time in Switzerland, the native of Bavaria had the idea of setting up a dating agency in her head, as she found it more difficult to get in touch with each other here than where she grew up. Today, she successfully manages the agency and has clearly divided it into three groups on her website: young people over 25, single parents and 55-plus. “At every stage of life, you have different expectations of your partner and your relationship,” says the businesswoman, who met her new partner, meteorologist Thomas Bucheli (56), not through her agency, but quite by chance at an event. “However, most people have too high expectations. After several attempts and relationships, you actually know what you don’t want – not to swap your own four walls, men are generally more flexible.” Women sometimes get in their own way, observes the matchmaker, who will say yes to her love in September; he proposed to her on her 50th birthday. “I can’t paint my husband,” explains the fiancée frankly. “It won’t work with a fixed set of criteria in mind.”

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