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Looking for love in the middle of life

Hardly an evening goes by without an advert from an online dating agency being shown on the telly. No wonder, after all, half of all singles in Switzerland are looking for love on the Internet. But the search via newspaper adverts or traditional dating agencies are also attracting a large number of customers.

A quarter of the Swiss population is single – especially in urban areas, there are more and more single people. According to a survey by the online dating agency Parship, however, around one million Swiss people are fed up with being alone: they want to go through life as a couple. But where and how do they find the right partner?

Wherever people meet, such as at work, in training or in sport, there is a chance that couples will form by chance. However, this is only a limited area. In addition, every flirtation is associated with risks, because the other person may not be looking for a partner at all or you may still meet if you are rejected. The Internet has created numerous new opportunities, such as the many chats in which people can chat, joke and flirt at the same time. However, if you don’t want to leave love to chance or don’t have much time to spend on the search, you can go through an agency.

Love happiness through a dating agency?

Online dating platforms vie for the favour of singles and promise happiness in love on the internet – all from the comfort and anonymity of your own home. The person looking for a partner first goes through a psychological personality test, which forms the basis for the matching process. Their profile is compared with others and suitable partners are suggested by the system. In some cases, singles searching on the Internet become very frustrated. They lie, conceal and cheat for all they’re worth. Mails, phone calls and photos are exchanged. People eagerly await their first meeting and then … . a completely different person turns up at the door than expected. And now what? Of course there are also meetings with a happy ending where you meet the right person. However, people whose expectations have risen due to their life experience and social status and who want to meet their future life partner discreetly treat themselves to the luxury of a selected dating agency. They know their clients personally, have had in-depth conversations with each of them and know what wishes, ideas and dreams everyone has for their future partner. This personal contact enables them to work for each individual in a personalised and trusting manner. The chances of finding the right partner are certainly much greater with an active search. However, whether you will fall in love and stay together for life – that remains to be seen

Mrs Grüneis, do you believe that there is a suitable partner for everyone?
I can only repeat my mum’s saying: “Every pot has a lid, but usually more than one fits!”

How many singles do you look after?
I work on two tracks. I have a very good network, both through private contacts and through my work as a relationship manager. In addition, my database grows every week with new additions.

Which is more true? “Birds of a feather flock together.” Or “opposites attract”?
That is difficult to answer. “Equal and equal” is a better basis for a long-term partnership. Opposites attract and certainly offer more friction, but also more tension.

What was your greatest success?
A customer has thanked us with a bouquet of flowers for a promising date.

Do you see finding a partner at the click of a mouse on the Internet as competition?
No, not really. I deal with real people who are really looking for a partnership and whom I get to know in person. The internet is too anonymous and you never really know what’s behind a profile.

Are younger or older singles more likely to take advantage of your offer?
Both. However, the biggest range is between 32 and 62 years old. My youngest lady is 25 years young and the oldest gentleman is 77 years old.

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