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How to win back your old love

Old love never rusts – and Kathrin Grüneis knows how to bring it back to life. The 49-year-old is a dating coach and girlfriend of SRF meteorologist Thomas Bucheli (54).

● The seed of love must still be there in the other person. Otherwise you have no chance of winning back your ex-partner.
● Build trust and give the other person enough time. Patience is important to convince the other person that you truly love them.
● Gifts are a nice thing, but within reason. So don’t overdo it and remember that you can’t buy love.
● Attentions that show that you know your former partner’s preferences are good.
● Revive old rituals that bring back fond memories.
● Forgive and forget: Old stories and conflicts must be resolved, by both sides. Otherwise injuries will come up again at the first argument.
● Be credible: You have to convince the other person that negative things from the past have been dealt with. In other words, that difficulties such as alcoholism or infidelity have been overcome.
● Falling in love again: The former partner is the same and yet has changed. Learn to recognize and appreciate these new aspects.
● Respect and honor the boundaries of others. Pushing does not lead to success – quite the opposite.
● Stay true to yourself: As much as you want the other person, you shouldn’t bend yourself in order to be loved again. An honest appearance is attractive.

Zeitungsausschnitt von im NZZ vom September 2020