Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich turns singles into happy couples ag brings people together who don’t want to leave love to chance. Company owner Kathrin Grüneis also found the man for life through her company.

Kathrin Grüneis, in which area are you active and where do your core competencies lie?
I have been successfully running my dating agency in Zurich since 2011. My vocation and my passion: turning singles into happy couples. Personal discussions with my customers are key for me. Before I introduce two people to each other via, I want to get to know each of them individually. I get to the bottom of their history as well as their interests and, of course, their specific ideas about their future partner. I rely on mutual trust. My core competencies are certainly the enthusiasm for my work and the conviction that there is not just “one” right partner for every man and every woman. But you have to have the courage to embrace something new and, after an “emotional defeat”, open your heart again and set it free.

How has ag developed over the past few years?
In October 2011, I founded as a sole proprietorship. Initially, a lot was written about my unconventional way of approaching people looking for a partner. This and other things set me apart from “conventional” recruitment agencies and soon helped me and my company achieve a breakthrough. My greatest personal success, however, is that I met my current husband, SRF weatherman Thomas Bucheli, at an event through the company. In 2014, I transformed the sole proprietorship into AG.

Where do you work?
The company’s head office is in Kilchberg. I live and work there. However, customer meetings take place almost exclusively in Zurich on Löwenstrasse.

How do you work?
In the first few years of my work as a matchmaker, I was mainly involved in building up the client base. Soon, however, the focus of my work shifted to personal customer care. I now devote most of my time to this. Active customer acquisition has faded into the background – today I am “found” by my customers. For example, directly via the Internet or by recommendation or word of mouth. Over the years, I have been able to find many happy couples.

What are your career plans?
I would like to expand. Gladly also to nearby foreign countries. I consider the expansion of my activities to include singles events and the targeted addressing of additional customer segments to be exciting. As my company is very people-oriented, these projects naturally take time. And suitable employees.

Zeitungsausschnitt von in der NZZ vom September 2020