Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

Freie Herzen in good hands

Eleanor Nevill and Claudia Hürlimann have been supporting the dating agency in Zurich for a year now. Owner Kathrin Grüneis is delighted: “We are a great team!”

The psychologist can use her intuition for people to Eleanor Nevill at “Customer contact gives me great pleasure. I’m happy when people find happiness through my work.” While she works together with Kathrin Grüneis takes care of counseling sessions and dates, has Claudia Hürlimann has the back office under control: “An exciting job with lots of variety. Discretion goes without saying, of course.”

Freie Herzen are always in good hands here:

The Freie Herzen team is looking forward to finding partners again this year. im Kilchberger vom Januar 2022