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Enough of the loneliness!

The coronavirus period was particularly depressing for many singles. Because even meetings with family or friends hardly brought the closeness she was missing. The fact that people suffered – and still suffer – from loneliness has also been noted by the dating agency

Good opportunities
“For many, the ceiling fell on their heads after the lockdown – people are simply not made for loneliness,” reports Kathrin Grüneis. During the coronavirus pandemic, the matchmaker was contacted particularly often, but meeting up together was rather tricky despite high demand. “Fortunately, that has now changed. And many singles now want to take advantage of this opportunity.” There is a recognizable trend: The crisis has made many people think. Anyone who has been looking for a quick adventure has realized in the last few weeks that they are missing something else in life, namely something constant.

Currently the best opportunities for men
“I only include people who are looking for a serious relationship in my file anyway,” explains Ms. Grüneis. Some first experiment with online portals, only to realize that this is often just a waste of time. “They just end up with me a little later,” smiles Grüneis, who currently has her hands full with new registrations. “Interestingly, women are usually quicker to sign up,” the matchmaker has noticed, “I’ve noticed that a few times.” In that case, do the men now have a particularly wide choice? “You could say that,” confirms Grüneis, “but women are still welcome too.” So the chances are good for a
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