Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

Dating agency on course for growth

What began as a personal heartfelt wish has grown into a solid company in just under three years: the Zurich-based dating agency is now a public limited company.

In addition to the new company form, there is also a new member of staff: Christine Petermann will take over administrative activities at the Institute and will stand in for Kathrin Grüneis in her absence. “In Christine Petermann, I have gained a competent woman with life experience,” says Kathrin Grüneis, the designated Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, enthusiastically. In fact, Petermann was a flight attendant at Swissair, a personnel consultant, deputy estate administrator and deputy in the antechamber of a government councilor. “She has a good feel for people, that’s the most important thing,” says Kathrin Grüneis.

A feel for people
This intuition is also the secret of her success: “We receive inquiries every day.” Her customers are still longing for the right partner. In personal meetings, the matchmaker gets to know prospective partners and makes a pre-selection. “My clients’ happiness makes me happy too,” enthuses Kathrin Grüneis. Or is it the other way around? “Maybe,” winks the blonde, because she herself has been “happily in love for a long time.”

Zeitungsausschnitt von in der NZZ vom September 2020