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“Business before privacy!”

7 things you should think about before starting a relationship with an office colleague

  1. You have to be pretty sure that your loved one is pursuing the same goal, i.e. wants a relationship and not a short-term affair.
  2. Even if there is a tingling sensation, the environment should only be involved after a certain period of time. I recommend about six months. As a rule, it takes that long until you are sure of yourself.
  3. Any lewdness in the office is to be avoided. And I would advise against any amorous adventures in the copy room.
  4. Even if it seems impossible, you should think about an exit scenario at the beginning of the relationship in case the relationship breaks down – a possible change of job or department, for example.
  5. Mutual trust is the most important thing: no jealousies in the company.
  6. Business comes before privacy.
  7. Separate cleanly: Private matters remain private, business remains business.

Kathrin Grüneis founded ( as a sole proprietorship in 2011 and converted it into an AG in 2014. She wanted to acquire her current partner as a potential customer for your dating agency. They have been engaged since October 2016, your 50th birthday, and have been living happily as a patchwork family in one household for two years.

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