Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

“And we’re getting married in the fall”

“Autumn is harvest time – apparently it’s the same for partners,” jokes Kathrin Grüneis. The managing director of is always delighted when people find each other through her mediation and become couples.

According to Kathrin Grünes, this is the time of year when most wedding announcements flutter across the table or cards with the happy news that the couple are now setting up a household together. But why in the fall of all times?

– “I suspect that people are back at home more in the fall and want to enjoy time together. The evenings are getting longer, so it’s nicer to make yourself comfortable with your partner.”

On average, “their” couples know each other for about a year before things get “really serious”.

“So if you also want to get married next fall and don’t yet know who that should be, it’s best to register with us right away,” says Kathrin Grüneis with a wink.

Positive effect on love

Corona has certainly also played into Cupid’s hands – “People were quite limited in their radius of action. If you were often out with lots of friends, you were suddenly faced with an empty space.” And because it was almost impossible to meet someone in the traditional way, personal – and controlled – matchmaking offered valuable new opportunities, especially in these times. Corona has therefore also had a positive effect – at least on love.

Christmas is just around the corner

Kathrin Grüneis and her colleagues are currently very well booked again. “Christmas is just around the corner – and with it the longing to spend it with a partner,” explains Kathrin Grüneis. Strolling through the Christmas market, drinking mulled wine, walking in the snow – it’s all more fun when you do it together. And because so many applications are coming in at the moment, the chance of finding a match at is particularly high at the moment.