Logo der persönlichen Partnervermittlung im Herzen von Zürich

A new year, a new happiness!

“Hello, I would like a new husband. I asked for him for Santa Claus and haven’t got him yet.” Matchmaker Kathrin Grüneis had to laugh heartily when she received this call. She invited the lady to her institute for an initial consultation. “In the meantime, the woman has already had a date and is very enthusiastic about my service,” reports Kathrin Grüneis.

Security through pre-selection
Women in particular find it important that someone makes the pre-selection for them so that they don’t experience any nasty surprises. “But men also find it pleasant when they don’t have to rely on online portals,” says the matchmaker: “Online dating may be exciting at first, but those who are actually looking for a relationship are quickly disappointed. What’s more, many of my clients simply don’t have the time to spend hours in front of the computer – only to experience another failure.”

Chances are good
At the end of the year, many prospective customers come to Kathrin Grüneis with good intentions: “I want to make it work in the new year”. But what are the chances of meeting the right person? “Very good indeed,” explains the boss of “Many people have this idea, which means the database is well-stocked – and so there’s plenty of choice.” After a personal interview, the specialist creates a profile and, if they have a lot of common ideas and interests, she suggests potential dating partners to her clients – in a very personal way. “Sure, it’s more time-consuming than swiping across a cell phone display, but it gives my clients the certainty that they’re not dealing with fake profiles, but with real people.”

And when things work out, the matchmaker is particularly happy: “I’ve already received a lot of wedding and baby cards. Or a nice photo from a vacation together. That always makes my heart beat faster.” in der Gewerbezeitung vom Januar