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A new year, a new happiness

Dating agency in Cupid’s service for over five years

Kathrin Grüneis has been bringing people together for over five years. And sometimes even under the hood. With the new year, many singles are looking for happiness again. And many a person has already found it at

“I have the best job in the world: making people happy,” enthuses Kathrin Grüneis about her work. She has been running her personal dating agency in Zurich for over five years. “But my customers come from all over Switzerland and beyond,” explains the upbeat blonde, who is also happily in a relationship herself. She has a lot to do, especially after the turn of the year. “A new year, a new happiness”, many people think, and the card index at fills up. The best chance of finding a partner for life.

Wedding and birth announcements
Many have already found him: “I’m always happy when I receive wedding announcements from my former customers. And now more and more birth announcements are also rolling in,” Kathrin Grüneis reveals with a smile. But that doesn’t mean that all her clients have getting married and having children in mind. “It’s important to find a form of partnership that suits both of you,” says the successful mediator, speaking from experience. “For example, it may be that both partners keep their home – that often happens with older people in particular. People are simply no longer prepared to give up everything. And that’s a good thing.”

Finding the right person with intuition
A great deal of sensitivity is required to get this far. “Of course, I take a structured approach and create a personal profile for each customer. I then compare their interests and preferences with those of potential candidates. Sometimes I may still suggest potential candidates to each other because my gut tells me to,” admits Kathrin Grüneis openly, “and I hit the mark more often than the statistics actually allow.”

The passion for her job is still written all over Kathrin Grüneis’ face: “It’s not primarily my happiness, but the happiness of the couples who meet through my agency. But even after five years, it’s still very, very infectious.”

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